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Tenmile Community Disaster Evacuation Registration

Thank you for taking the time to consider registration in the “Tenmile Community Disaster Evacuation Registry”. This program is designed to help emergency responders locate and evacuate people with Special Needs or other high risks during an emergency.  You (or someone on your behalf) should register if you may find it difficult to get to safety with family or friends or to a public shelter during an emergency in the Tenmile Community because of a physical or cognitive limitation, language barrier, or lack of transportation.  Remember, your priority should be to have a personal plan and supplies or to relocate with a family member or a friend first.  This registry is unique to Tenmile because in addition to first responders and government, this information will be shared with the impoundment operators at Tenmile.

Please complete the two page registration and mail to the following address: Office of Emergency Management at 181 Pallottine Drive, Buckhannon, West Virginia 26201.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Emergency Management at (304) 472-4983.


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Tenmile Community Disaster Evacuation Registry Form

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