Services & Programs

After an assessment has been completed for each client, a program is designed to target the areas in the offender's life that need the most attention. Community Corrections offers: 

  • Educational Aid — Clients will participate in GED classes if needed and may receive assistance with vocational training;
  • Substance Abuse Counseling — On site counselor offers individual and group therapy;
  • Mental Health Needs — Clients are referred to mental health providers to evaluate and address unmet needs;
  • Job/Life Skills — Staff assists in resume building, job interview techniques, parenting classes and other skills needed to obtain and maintain employment;
  • Domestic Violence Intervention - Intervention and Prevention program is a 32 week course that domestic violence offenders are sentenced to complete. The class focuses on what constitutes abuse and helps students learn appropriate ways in which to deal with conflict in their relationships
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing - Clients are randomly tested in the office as well as during home visits
  • Intensive Outpatient Program - 6 weeks, 9 hours per week - educational course for substance abusers
  • Parenting - 2 hour course designed for litigants from Family Court
  • Parenting - 6 week course focusing on positive disciplining
  • DUI Awareness - 3 day course emphasizing the perils and effects of driving under the influence
  • Anger Management
  • Community Service
  • Home Visits
  • SCRAM bracelet - Continuous alcohol monitoring bracelet