Local Rules

The Upshur County Commission will meet weekly on Thursdays, beginning at 9:00 am.  Meetings will be held in the Commission Meeting Room, Room 301, on the third floor of the Courthouse Annex.

Agenda items and/or meeting presentations/appointments must be received no later than two business days prior to the meeting date by 12:00 pm.  General correspondence that does not require official action will not be included in the Commission's agenda; however, each Commissioner will receive a copy of the information.

Agendas will be sent to the public via email two business days before the meeting, per the WV Ethics Committee Open Governmental Meetings Act for governing bodies which meet on a weekly basis.  Agendas will be emailed to those who request an electronic version of the agenda.  In order to be added to the email list, please contact the office of the Upshur County Commission at 304-472-0535.  Printed copies of the agenda will be posted on the bulletin board in the Chancery Street Alley.  Agenda packets are available by visiting http://www.upshurcounty.org/agenda_and_minutes/index.php.

Presentations/Appointments will be scheduled in 15 minute increments, beginning at 9:15 am.  If there are multiple speakers present, the Commission reserves the right to limit times of speakers on both sides of an issue.  Additional comments will be accepted in written form for review.

The Commission shall abide by the Open Meeting Laws set forth in WV State Code 6-9A-1 and 6-9A-3.

Robert's Rules of Order are utilized as a guide only.  The Commission controls the meeting, management, discussion and input.

Please contact  Tabatha Perry  or Cindy Hughes  to schedule an appointment with the Upshur County Commission.