Animal Control Facility

The Lewis Upshur Animal Control Facility is located in Upshur County and is an animal welfare organization that serves the needs of two (2) counties, Lewis and Upshur.  We are a rural facility that has limited means to serve the duty that we are called to do for this area.  We are committed to this and have found tremendous success with our website, facebook and petfinder.

Adoption Fee: Dogs $70.00, Cats $60.00
A $50.00 voucher is given to adopters that live within 45 miles of the shelter.  There are seven vets that accept this voucher towards the spay/neuter of the adopted pet, within the 45 mile radius.  If you do not receive a voucher then $50.00 of your adoption fee is refundable once the animal is spayed or neutered and proof is sent to the shelter. 


The West Virginia Legislature passed House Bill #2078, Article 20B which became effective on July 7, 2005 that all animals adopted from a shelter in West Virginia will have to be spayed or neutered.  Noncompliance with this law will lead to a fine of no less than $150.00 and no more than $250.00

All dogs and cats are wormed and vaccinated, with the exception of the rabies vaccination, which is the responsibility of the owners or new adopters.

The goal of our facility is to find forever homes for as many of our shelter animals as possible.  We assist in the arrangement of transportation to rescue groups in the Maryland, DC and Virginia areas.  There is a small fee charged to rescue groups.  Please contact our facility for more information.

We are always looking for new groups or interested individuals to assist our rescue groups with transportation.  If you live in Morgantown, WV or Cumberland, MD and have the spare time and would like to help save the lives of our shelter animals by transporting every two weeks to Cumberland, MD or Hagerstown, MD, please contact our facility.

Thank you, Jan